One of the most important measures in ending cancer is to stop it before it begins
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Nancy Fahrenbocker

Nancy Fahrenbocker

In loving memory of Nancy Fahrenbocker who lost of battle in December 2015. The best lesson she taught to others was “do your best to help others in need.”

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Tiffany C.

I went to my first mammogram on 9/5/2017. I am 46 years old and just felt that I was healthy and didn’t have a history of BC in my family. However, after several tests, 3D monogram, sonogram and biopsy my doctor confirmed on 9/25/2017 that I have Breast Cancer. I was devastated and shook! The […]

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Amanda M.

In May 2016, I started have back issues, my lower left side was hurting and it was getting worse. I went to the chiropractor and it wasn’t helping, so I went to my Primary Doctor. My doctor in turn sent me to physical therapy where I completed 5 of the 6 sessions and with each […]

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Andrea P.

In November last year I learned that I have breast cancer. After many tests it turns out to be Stage 4, and has spread to my left lung, and lymph nodes behind my trachea. I am taking Ibrance and Femara and having only minor side effects. I haven’t had any scans so I do not […]

$123 Donated
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